Second Storey Additions

Need more living space?

When it comes to living space, the first thought for many people is to move or build a new home, but with property prices always unpredictable and the cost of stamp duty it isn’t always the ideal solution.

Second storey extensions are becoming increasingly popular for homeowners who want extra space without having to lose valuable backyard. Best of all, going up is easier than many people think. The team at Noble Builders always do our best to ensure the process is smooth and the build is completed in accordance with council requirements and with minimal disruption to your daily life.

A second storey addition to your home is going to greatly increase the amount of living space as well as add value to your home. Many of our customers are surprised at how cost effective building upwards is and how little impact the building process has on your family.

Noble Builders specialise in second storey additions, so you can be confident that the new addition to your home will not only look great but be of superior quality.

What can you expect when building a second storey with Noble Builders?

  • Preparation and planning
  • Delivery of all materials
  • Removal of roof and roof timbers
  • Installation of waterproof tarp in case of inclement weather
  • Installation of new frames, joists, trusses, flooring, drainage and ducting
  • Install fascia, gutters, roof tiles/sheeting and windows
  • All other fittings as per the design plan